by Shahan on 27.07.16

Partying with Mama

Want to rent out the whole venue? Ummm….Here’s the thing.

Mamuśka! never puts up one of those really infuriating “private party, bugger off” signs. But what we will happily do for you is section off a massive portion of the restaurant, as long as you are eating and drinking. (And let’s face it, you would be mad not to be eating and drinking!)

But our regular customers? Well, they are very regular. And when we say “very regular” we actually mean “addicted”. Basically, if we close the door on them, they will go into withdrawal and start crying out for pierogi Ruskie from the street. Even thinking about it makes Mama cringe. We’ve just got too much love goin’ on for the folks that come here three or four times a week to leave them out in the cold because we have booked out the entire joint for an event.

So please come and party with Mama! We will stay open to others during your party, but you can have a special menu, run a tab, bring balloons, make your going away speech, watch a special sporting event, play charades, sing Happy Birthday and Sto Lat to your little hearts’ delight and even get up and dance like no one is watching. Book out as many of our 85 seats as you like, if you have that many guests!

Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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