by Shahan on 22.07.16

Company details and contact

Billing address and details

Mamuska Restaurants Limited
9 Addington Street

Registered Address

Mamuska Restaurants Limited
Corporate number: 08212409
Registered at:
10 Queen Street Place
VAT number: 153 0248 42

Enquiries: info@mamuska.net

Office contact number: 020 3602 9898
Restaurant contact number: 020 3602 1898

Office hours: 9am – 6pm, Mon – Fri


Delivery address

Mamuska Restaurants Limited
Flat 13, 14 Weller Street
London SE1 1QU

Delivery instructions
Small parcel deliveries can be received via the front entrance on 9 Addington Street, but be aware there is no authorised parking out front (just the entrance and drive way of our very good neighbours at Park Plaza County Hall).
All ‘goods’ deliveries (this means alcohol, food, office supplies, furniture – anything that cannot be carried by hand) must be delivered via the Leake Street tunnel.  Access to Leake Street is via York Road.  Turn off York Road onto Leake Street and drive straight ahead under the rail tracks into the graffiti tunnel.  Drive half way down and park in front of the double wooden doors on the right.  Call 020 3602 1898 when you arrive and someone will open the doors to receive the delivery.  If you get no response, please call 020 3602 9898.  If you still get no response, please walk down towards York Road, but before you get to York Road turn left just past the Vietnamese restaurant Banh Bao Bros, into the pedestrian ‘link’ tunnel with the bike racks and continue through it until you come outside. Turn left and continue along the pavement where you will find our entrance in in the last arch along on the left.  Come in and tell the server you have a delivery out back, and someone will walk with you to our delivery entrance in the back of the restaurant, which will be exactly where you left the van.