Company details and contact

Billing address and details

Mamuska Restaurants Limited
Flat 13, 14 Weller Street
London SE1 1QU

Corporate number: 08212409
VAT number: 153 0248 42


Office contact number: 020 3602 9898
Restaurant contact number: 020 3602 1898

Office hours: 9am – 6pm, Mon – Fri

Delivery address

16 Elephant and Castle
London SE1 6TH


Delivery instructions

To deliver to our location at 16 Elephant and Castle, approach via Walworth Road, turn onto Hampton Street and then right onto Wollaston Close. Drive up into the above-ground car park, keeping to the left as you reach the top. Our loading doors are blue and not marked, so walk around to the front and come through our main entrance to let us know you have arrived with our goods. Couriers are welcome to being small parcels through the customer entrance, but for anything else, please wait until we open the loading doors and are ready to accept the delivery. Thanks!