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Yes, we know it is VERY hard to plan right now. But rest assured, when you do come back, we'll be looking out for you with hand sanitising stations, mobile ordering and contactless payments, so you can have fun getting reacquainted with the outside world, SAFELY. We'll have the outdoor terrace, The Platform Bar and our enormous Old Arch Dining Hall, to adhere to social distancing rules while still allowing you and your mates to enjoy your vodka slushies over plates of pierogi. See you soon!

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How To Party with Mama in 2021!

OK. Things are not .. well ... great, at the moment. And yes, we are a little disappointed that all of our (rather expensive) Christmas decorations were only enjoyed for 2 weeks in December. But the vaccines are here and there are LOTS of ways we can all bounce back in 2021. We will know soon when we can reopen the inside space and terrace, but until then, you can start planning to celebrate love, friendship and Polish food and drink, by booking early! We won't take any deposits at this point, but we do suggest you reserve a date ASAP because, well ... things is gonna get cray-cray when we are all allowed to party again!

Book a Table in the Old Arch

Being stuck inside just ain't good for the soul. So when the gates are finally opened, we are going to want to go 'OUT out'. So come for a walk along the Thames, have a gaze at The Mother of All Parliaments, and stare at the London Eye and try to recall what it was originally built back in 1999. Then, when the belly is grumbling and you are ready to eat a hot meal and have a happy drink, come to where you can still the presence of other human beings but with tables that are still socially distanced.

Out and About

Get the Team Back Together on The Platform

It's been a long time away from the work mates, so why meet in a crowded board room with low ceilings and bad ventilation? The Platform is ready with big tables, an overhead projector, a PA system and 25MB of dedicated and segregated Internet access. More importantly, after the "State of the Nation" address from the boss, you can have a FANTASTIC meal and a few drinks to bond with people that, let's face it, at LEAST are not your family. Not that you don't love your family. It's just that a few hours with other people will help you love them more.

Work it with Mama

Block off The Platform for a Special Event

Let's face it, at some point, this madness will end and The Platform Bar will be rocking! We plan lots of events with DJs, exhibitions and live music. So if you are thinking of hiring out this amazing private space that looks down into the Old Arch Dining Hall, you are well advised to send an email now, so we can hold the date for you!

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