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You know Mama is ALWAYS looking out for you and of course our fabulous team so with hand sanitising stations, mobile ordering and contactless payments you can have fun SAFELY. Since reopening we're using the outdoor terrace, The Platform and our enormous Old Arch Dining Hall, to adhere to social distancing rules while still allowing you and your mates to enjoy your vodka slushies over plates of pierogi. So book now to ensure you get a seat. See you soon!

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How To Party with Mama Right Now!

OK. Things are not .. well ... great, at the moment. But there are still LOTS of ways we can help you celebrate love, friendship and Polish food and drink, despite these difficult times.

Love the one you're with!

Households can still come out and play, and let's face it - they NEED to! Being stuck inside just ain't good for the soul. So come for a walk along the Thames, have a gaze at The Mother of All Parliaments, and star at the London Eye and try to recall what it was originally named back in 1999. Then, when the belly is grumbling and you are ready to eat a meal and have a happy drink, come to where the tables are properly distanced, but you can still enjoy the presence of other human beings. Be with your loved ones. But talk to the bloke at the next table about Polish craft beer.

Households Out and About

It's a work thing.

Why, in the name of all that is good and Holy, are you meeting in a crowded board room with low ceiling and bad ventilation. We have big tables where you can spread out, and even an overhead projector so you can have a decent presentation. More importantly, you can have a FANTASTIC meal and a few drinks to bond with people that are not your family. Not that you don't love your family. It's just that a few hours with other people will help you love them more.

Work it with Mama.

Do it at Home!

We may joke around (ok, we DEFINITELY joke around!), but we actually take your health and well being very seriously. So, if your feel like your bubble would be happier in your back garden, out in the fresh air, but you live beyond the range of UberEats or our other delivery partners, we can actually put an order together for you to be delivered by an Uber ca you book, or via Addison Lee, at cost. The point is, you don't have to stay inside and you don't have to go without Mama's pierogi any longer!

Garden Gangbusters!