We have just opened one of London’s most exciting new concept restaurants and are looking for dynamic team members to come and share their talents!

We are looking for people who are hard-working and can enjoy the buzz when the really nutty ‘rush hours’ hit.

We pay above average wages, offer free delicious staff meals and coffee and even share generous discounts across all food and drink for off duty team members.

We always want to see CVs from interesting and ambitious individuals. In particular, here are some positions we are looking to fill right now.

Restaurant Manager

Location: SE1 7RY, London
Full time Permanent (48 hr/wk)
Salary: Circa £35,000 incl. bonus (per annum)


  • A 2% employer contributory pension
  • Free Staff Meals (on duty)
  • Staff discounts (off duty)
  • Tips shared out with Teammates (not management)
  • Free Uniform
  • Training and Continual Professional Development (CPD)

Mamuska! Polish Kitchen and Bar – the most-loved Polish restaurant brand in London – has opened fantastic, spacious industrial-looking new 220-seat flagship location in Southbank and is looking for the right personality to lead the service team!

Known for our friendly service, big portions, great quality and amazing prices, Mamuska! is going to hit new heights as the anchor tenant of this very hip Leake Street Arches development under the Waterloo approaches.

We are looking for a professional who will deliver our unique service experience by mixing clinical operational management with the positive energy to keep the team upbeat and remembering to have fun while working hard.

Our open-air mezzanine – dubbed ‘The Platform’ – sits 84 and is designed to work as a bar, private party space and an over-flow seating area for tour groups. With massive steel beams and concrete bulkheads, it feels like we have taken over a shipyard or drilling platform to create a party space! The main dining area downstairs in the old Victorian-era railway arch seats 122 and backs onto ‘The Bunker’, that has a gantry so our patrons can enjoy a birds-eye view of all the action.

We pay good wages and our trademarked “Tap and Tip” system has proven to be extremely successful at bumping up our hard-working team members’ earnings (tips are shared across the whole team and 100% go to staff). The staff welfare area and our staff meal and generous staff discounts will help a great manager recruit and retain the team, but keeping them sharp and happy will be down to you.

This is a role for a hands-on manager who can lead by example, develop talent, delegate and train supervisors, and take personal charge of the operation when we get ‘slammed’.

Profit sharing is part of your package so over time the remuneration for this position is very exciting.

This is a big role for a serious professional who brings the benefit of sector experience from at least five years in our industry. English is a must and Polish is a big plus. Numeric skills are definitely needed and you should have solid MS office (Word, Excel) skills as well.

To apply, please send a short cover letter and your CV to us via the link below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Waitress / Waiter / Service Star

Experience: Optional
Location: SE1 7RY, London
Full-time or Part-time

Full-time, part-time & Trainee roles paying up to £9/hr at London’s most famous Polish eating & drinking sensation. Pension, free meals, tips & more!

Service Stars take turns handling everything in the front of house:

  • Greeting and Helping Customers
  • Keeping the bar stocked
  • Pouring Drinks
  • Guiding guests through their orders
  • Clearing tables and keeping the restaurant clean
  • Working with the kitchen to get the orders served
  • Co-ordinating the Delivery Service
  • Choosing the music and video entertainment
  • Posting to Social Media
  • and so much more!

The benefits of working at Mamuśka! include:

  • A 2% contributory pension (including for part-time teammates)
  • Free Staff Meals on duty
  • Staff discounts off duty
  • Tips shared out with Teammates (not management)
  • Free Uniform
  • Training and Continual Professional Development (CPD)

We look forward to hearing from lovers of all things Polish to come join our amazing team!

Line Chef

Location: SE1, London
Full time
Benefits: Profit sharing, possible subsidised accommodation in Zone 1
Salary: £10 per hr

Full-time chef roles paying up to £11/hr at London’s best Polish eating & drinking sensation. Two days off a week in a row, pension, tips, career progression, and more!

We challenge ourselves every day to make the experience at Mamuśka! the best it can possibly be for our guests and our Team. And the one thing that just about everyone agrees with is that the food is authentically Polish, the taste is delicious and that the portions are generous.

We have won thousands of people over to Polish food over the past 8 years and with our plans to expand things are about to get even more exciting! Our new 6000 ft flagship site has an AMAZING NEW KITCHEN.

We are looking for Chefs who are excited about introducing Londoners to Polish food, as well as providing Poles with a taste of home. At Mamuśka! we’ll be calling you a Super Chef for a reason: You will be amazingly fast on the line when it is busy, and producing large batches from traditional recipes when it is not.

Duties Include:

  • Processing tickets and plating meals
  • Pan-frying schabowy and deep-frying devolay
  • Making large batches of soups such as rosół and żurek
  • Co-ordinating the Delivery Service with the Front of House, and more!

The benefits of working at Mamuska Restaurants Limited include:

  • A 2% employer contributory pension
  • Free Staff Meals (on duty)
  • Staff discounts (off duty)
  • Tips shared out with Teammates (not management)
  • Free Uniform
  • Training and Continual Professional Development (CPD)

If you love all things Polish, come join our amazing team as we expand the Mamuśka! concept across the UK. Please send your CV to and we will be in touch soon!



At Mamuśka! we have noticed how difficult it is to find young people who understand what it means to work hard in the hospitality industry. There is no shortage of people who want to be on the payroll, nor a shortage of people who want to put on a uniform and hang out in a restaurant and get paid for hitting on the punters. But to find people with energy, motivation to do well and to produce value for the customers and thee Company in which they are employed, there is a ‘scarcity of resource’, as the economists would say.

There is no point in us complaining unless we are willing to get stuck in to help solve the problem.

So we are actively looking to bring on and train apprentices within all the areas listed above. If you believe all you need is a chance, and you have no experience but lots of drive and a fantastic work ethic, and you are willing to get paid the reduced rates that apprentices are paid while they learn their craft, you should apply with us today. We can find an accredited program for you to work through so you can get appropriate courses completed so that you are getting certified at the same time as earning a bit of dosh.

We are a hard working but warm and welcoming team, and we think we can show you exactly how to develop new skills so you can get a position anywhere in the industry … even at Mamuśka! if you play your cards right!