work with mamaThis is definitely the most exciting time yet to be working for Mamuśka!

In August 2015 we moved from the shopping centre at Elephant and Castle (The Pit of Despair) out into the light of day across the street. Since then our sales have almost doubled.

Everyone keeps “movin’ on up” and getting promoted, so we have an exciting opportunity for fresh blood to come and join in the fun. We are looking for people who are hard-working and can enjoy a knowing look and a smile with their colleagues when the really nutty ‘rush hours’ hit.

We pay well above minimum wage (including performance bonus), offer free authorised delicious staff meals and OJ when working (no need to sneak treats around here) and even share generous discounts across all food and drink for off duty team members.

We always want to see CVs from interesting and ambitious individuals. In particular, here are some positions we are getting ready to fill right now.

Front of House Manager for fast growing Polish Casual Dining Brand

Location: SE1, London
Full time Permanent (48 hr/wk)
Benefits: Profit sharing, possible subsidised accommodation in Zone 1
Salary: Circa £28,000 per annum (negotiable)

Mamuska! created tens of thousands of new Polish food fans since launching in 2010. Our massive breakfasts, £3 soups and £5 lunch deals keep us busy all day, but the joint really starts to jump from 5pm until late. We are the most recognised and loved Polish restaurant in London, with sales growth of 50% from our Elephant and Castle location in 2016. As you may expect, we are excited and ready to launch new locations!

To help us prepare for expansion, we need a strong, proven, hands-on leader who knows how to win hearts and minds and deliver results.

Our Head Chef manages the kitchen, and our Founder will be focused on opening new locations. So the successful candidate will be a true FOH Manager with full authority over the development of their team and the brand experience at Mamuśka!

Mamuśka! proudly pays its staff well, and they work hard as a result. We have a great team in place, two very capable Deputy Heads of Service, and an Office Manager eager to help, so there is lots of support for the role. But this is no office job! We are looking for someone with the energy to lead from the front, work alongside the Service Stars, make sure everyone works to optimum efficiency (especially when it gets really busy), and deliver value to the business by ensuring our labour rates are kept in line.

You will be responsible for:

  • Training, managing, rewarding and retaining your super team of Service Stars
  • Delivering a dynamic, fun and slick service to our highly-valued customers
  • Maintaining an immaculate and organised front of house in which we can be proud
  • Achieving excellent financial results through controlled labour rates
  • Executing and adapting our unique Fast Casual model
  • Leading from the front and getting ‘stuck in’ when we get busy
  • Trying new ideas to discover better ways to make profits and deliver value
  • Drive sales and marketing activities and new promotions
  • Maintaining cleaning and maintenance for all FOH equipment, fixtures and fittings

The perfect candidate will be an experienced and proven professional from a casual dining or fast casual restaurant environment, who enjoys variety and challenge at work. Your focused high energy will help you develop ideas and execute the plans that translate into real wins so that you surpass your targets and continually impress. Here’s our ‘wish list’ for the perfect candidate:

  • Minimum 3 years’ supervision and management experience in Casual Dining
  • Experience managing and motivating teams to achieve agreed specific targets (KPIs)
  • Completion of an in-house management training program from a large chain
  • Experience using and updating an EPOS and generating reports
  • Experience with inventory management software
  • Ability to produce documents and reports (MS Office)
  • An entrepreneurial edge to your personality
  • The ability to speak and understand Polish would be a real plus, but not essential

The next step in your rapid career track at Mamuska Restaurants Limited will be to advance to Area Manager in charge of multiple sites by late 2016.

Benefits at Mamuśka! include profit sharing for all team members and equity buy-in opportunities for key managers. This is your chance to cash in on your talents in an environment where you are valued for what you can bring to the table.

We look forward to hearing back from the best candidates in the London Fast Casual and Casual Dining sectors. Please send both your CV and an application letter in English to We can’t get back to everyone, so make sure you tell us why you are the best candidate for this amazing opportunity.

Assistant FOH Manager (Deputy Head of Service) £9.50 ph

Since moving into our new location across from the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre over a year ago, we have been busier than ever.

Sales are up 50% and we need new exciting and experienced individuals like you to contribute your unique skills and leadership to our hard-working team!

You will need to have experience in a restaurant environment but we are happy to give the right person their first experience in management.

We are looking for somebody who is quick thinking, IT literate and not afraid to delegate and appoint team members to get specific tasks done. You’ll have a keen eye for detail, good telephone skills and most of all be able to get your team to perform to their highest ability. You’ll need a love of Polish food (well, who doesn’t, right?), a great sense of humour and believe in the very highest standards for customer service, even in a fast-casual dining environment.

The position pays up to £9.50 per hour, offers free staff meals when on duty (yea!!), a generous friends and family discount for when you are off the clock and even an opportunity to live in Zone 1, right above the restaurant, when a flat becomes available.

The career path from this position is into Front of House and eventually restaurant management, as we open more locations.

Email us your CV at today and we look forward to meeting you!

Numbers Guru (Bookkeeper / Analyst)   Part-time moving to full-time, circa £10/hr

This is the perfect role for an individual who has both the skill set to keep the books and the strength of character to ensure everyone in the business is working together to gather, analyse, report and act on key numerical information on a timely basis. We are looking for someone with at least an AAT Level 3 or ICB full membership.  If you have finished your studies and are looking for a mid- to long-term career move, this is it!

The job will start as two days a week and move to three days a week very likely before the end of the year.  Upon opening our second Mamuśka! location early in 2017 we expect the position to go to full time.

We are a fun team with a shared intense love of the business, super individual personalities and a great appreciation for humour. And working for Mamuśka! will mean loads of perks (there is such a thing as a free lunch!).  But here’s the hard work you’ll need to tackle with excellence in order to earn your place at the table.

A Sampling of Responsibilities and Specific Tasks

  • Bookkeeping: Sales, PDQ reporting, banking, preparing payables, cashing out and more.
  • In conjunction with our accountant, preparing and presenting management accounts, including P&L.
  • Preparing, monitoring and reporting on budgets, including for overhead items and cost centres such as promotion and training, for example.
  • Designing, maintaining, monitoring and reporting on KPIs on both profit centres, including but not limited to: labour rates, COGS, stock losses, cashing out targets and more.
  • Managing and occasionally amending our bespoke Excel multi-sheet performance tracking and cash flow projection tool and ensuring those projections look at least 12 months forward, including all new restaurant openings and building works.
  • Using our inventory and recipe management software to ensure that all stock is accounted for and investigating and reporting on any discrepancies.
  • Checking delivery slips against invoices and organising accounts payable, lining up payments so that suppliers are paid in full once a month.

Naturally the key for us will be your character, expertise and initiative.  Your willingness to do the junior bookkeeping tasks as well as the more difficult financial analysis that can help direct our strategic decision making is what will set you apart from the rest.

Apply confidentially today by emailing your CV and a cover letter to

Waitress (Service Star) £8.50 ph

Do you have the personality, skill and speed to be the person who delivers that first impression to our eager guests and ensures delivery of a fantastic ‘brand experience’ at Mamuśka!?

Our Service Stars greet, befriend, take orders from and remember the names of our regular customers, and the best ones even remember their favourite drinks.

If you believe that customers are the people who truly pay our wages and that you have the right stuff to deliver our unique, exciting and energetic brand experience every day, this is a great opportunity to make your mark in catering.

We pay well, the benefits are great (free staff meal on duty plus off-duty discounts!) and we are looking for great personalities that may choose to grow into leaders with us as we open more locations.

Email us a short letter and your CV at

We love fun and energetic people, so we look forward to meeting you and having a chat!

Senior Line Cook (We’ll be calling you a Super Chef) £9 ph

Everyone on the kitchen team keeps “movin’ on up” and getting promoted, so we have an exciting opportunity for an experienced Senior Line Cook to join in the fun.

If you have a serious knowledge of Polish food and nerves of steel, are able to serve up dozens of plates of stews and soups while you pan fry a half dozen schabowy and check on the pierogi, you have just found a new home.

You better love multi-tasking, because it ain’t an option here – it’s a requirement!

We are looking for somebody who is hard-working, has a positive can-do attitude, and can enjoy a knowing look and a smile with our Service Star when the really nutty ‘rush hour’ hits.

But above all, we need you to have the ability to create the great tastes of the true Polish kitchen.

You don’t have to be looking for promotion, but if you are, the Line Cooks of today are the Sous Chefs running their own new kitchens next year!

If you are fast and know the basics, we can teach you the rest.  But you will need;

– 2 or more years’ experience in a professional kitchen;

– 1 or more years’ experience cooking Polish food in large quantities.

On top of the hourly wage and performance bonus adding up to £9.00 per hour, you will  enjoy free authorised delicious staff meals and OJ when working (no need to sneak treats around here) and even generous discounts across all food and drink when you are off duty.

There is a “Friends and Family” discount to use when you bring guests as well.  And just in case you are the type to dive into a new working situation with both feet, we even have a half dozen studio flats you can apply for at a discounted rent, when they come available.

Learn more about what makes us great by visiting TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter @mamuska_net or at our own site,  We are famous for great value delicious meals.  You will be proud of yourself when you join this team.

CVs and short application letters should be emailed to

Good luck and we look forward to hearing from you!

Operations Technician £8.00 ph

Not all jobs in the restaurant deal with taking orders or cooking food.  Somebody has to fix all the stuff we break!

We have a great opportunity for an energetic individual who loves the restaurant business but who’s talents are more about painting, carpentry, plumbing, light electrical and other handyman jobs.

For those things you cannot fix, we will help you engage and supervise external technicians when we have to call them in.  This is a position for someone who really loves variety at work but who can turn their hand to many different operational tasks.

With more locations on the way, you will have the opportunity to advance to Operations Manager if you choose, and possibly even take up a future role coordinating the construction of new locations.

So there is tons of scope for growth in future, but in the here and now, if you have a knack for repairs and organisation, this is definitely the job for you. Apply with a CV and short email to


At Mamuśka! we have noticed how difficult it is to find young people who understand what it means to work hard in the hospitality industry. There is no shortage of people who want to be on the payroll, nor a shortage of people who want to put on a uniform and hang out in a restaurant and get paid for hitting on the punters. But to find people with energy, motivation to do well and to produce value for the customers and thee Company in which they are employed, there is a ‘scarcity of resource’, as the economists would say.

There is no point in us complaining unless we are willing to get stuck in to help solve the problem.

So we are actively looking to bring on and train apprentices within all the areas listed above. If you believe all you need is a chance, and you have no experience but lots of drive and a fantastic work ethic, and you are willing to get paid the reduced rates that apprentices are paid while they learn their craft, you should apply with us today. We can find an accredited program for you to work through so you can get appropriate courses completed so that you are getting certified at the same time as earning a bit of dosh.

We are a hard working but warm and welcoming team, and we think we can show you exactly how to develop new skills so you can get a position anywhere in the industry … even at Mamuśka! if you play your cards right!