16 Elephant and Castle

Have you ever had to close up shop and reopen in a new location within 36 hours? We have. Lots of coffee and split shifts for those doing the heavy lifting is highly recommended.

But WOW! What a result!

We are so proud of our new Location 2, opened on July 28 2015.

With 10 more seats that our old location, outdoor seating and a massive 45 foot sign, we are so much easier to find and to enjoy once you have found us!

Our vodka bar is a great place to stand and have a visit or just to sit and wait for a table to come available. And compared to Location 1, picking up your food is a breeze, because we have separated the ordering area from the kitchen bar.

But the best thing about Location 2? The Service Stars clear the table for you!

If you have not been yet, we look forward to seeing you soon.