16 Elephant and Castle – CLOSED July 23 2018

16 Elephant and Castle – CLOSED July 23 2018

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Have you ever had to close up shop and reopen in a new location within 36 hours? We have. Lots of coffee and split shifts for those doing the heavy lifting is highly recommended.

We were so proud of our second location, opened on July 28 2015.

With 10 more seats than our first site in the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre, outdoor seating (that was taken away from us towards the end) and a massive 45 foot sign, we were so much easier to find.

Unfortunately, we only had a 3 year lease with a verbal promise of extension, and in the end, despite our agreement to pay 33% more in rent and our commitment to invest heavily in the property, the landlord declined to give us a new lease.

But that didn’t stop us!  Our new flagship Leake Street Arches location in Waterloo, at the bottom of Westminster Bridge Road, just before you cross the river, is the perfect walking distance for our Elephant and Castle fans to help you walk off the pierogi!