Book a Table: The Old Arch

Book now to experience the best Polish food in London and a great atmosphere to boot, here at Mamuśka! Polish Kitchen and Bar in South Bank, Waterloo!

Are you looking for great food and drinks in South Bank? It really doesn’t matter if you are a long-time fan of Polish food or a complete Newbie.  Y

You will absolutely LOVE Mamuśka! Polish Kitchen and Bar in South Bank, Waterloo, London, UK.   Yes, Mamuśka! offers great Polish food. But we also have a tremendous selection of Polish drinks in our bar! 

So, come along and enjoy the most traditional Polish food you can imagine – from the delicious pierogi dumplings to classics like Bigos, Schabowy and Gołąbki. 

But REMEMBER! Everything tastes even better when you wash it down with pints of Polish beer and ale and vodka shots from our bar! 

Smacznego and Na Zdrowia!