by Ian Coll on 01.12.20

Christmas Eve Wigilia Take-Away Menu

We are so happy to be able to offer take-away dishes for you to enjoy at home with friends and family for a true Polish Wigilia (Christmas Eve).

To order, please email items and quantities to orders@mamuska.net with your name, mobile number and the time you want to pick up your order on December 23rd. We will call you back to take payment. Thank you!


Perogi!  The classic Polish dumpling    
Packed FROZEN, to cook yourself when you need them!                            Kapusta kiszona & mushroom £15.00/ 20 pieces
  Seasoned minced pork  
  Minced beef  
                     Goats cheese & spinach  
               Ruskie (blended white cheese, potato and onion)  
Vegan Bigos (cabbage and mushroom stew) £13.00/ 1kg container
Bigos (cabbage, mushroom, pork and sausage stew) £16.00/ 1kg container
Salatka Jarzynowa (Vegan version of root vegetable salad) £12.00/ 1kg container
Ryba po grecku (traditional fish with vegetables) £ 5.00 Piece
Krokiet (Veggie croquette with kapusta kiszona & mushroom) £ 4.00 Each
Krokiet Mięsny (croquette with minced pork) £ 4.00 Each
Śledź (Pickled herring and onion in sour cream) £12.00 / 500 g
Barszcz (VEGAN red beetroot broth) £ 4.00 / 450 ml
Uszka (VEGAN dumplings with kapusta & mushroom) £ 4.20 / 12 pieces
Szarlotka Our homemade Apple Cake £5.00 / piece
    £20 / 5 pieces


Please note that most of our fabulous dishes are available as take-away.

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