BOOK NOW to experience the best Polish kitchen and a great atmosphere in Mamuśka! restaurant in South Bank!

Are you looking for great food and drinks in South Bank? We are excited to invite you to Mamuśka! - Polish restaurant and bar in South Bank, London. Mamuśka! offers not only the best Polish kitchen but also a great selection of drinks in our bar. Try the most typical Polish food - from the delicious pierogi dumplings to other polish classics like Bigos, Schabowy or Gołąbki. Of course, everything tastes even better when you enjoy your pints of draught and vodka shots from our bar!
We promise a great atmosphere for smaller and bigger groups with the possibility to sit inside in Old Arch Dining Hall or outside at the terrace.
You will find us near Waterloo station.

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    How To Party with Mamuśka! in 2021! Safety in our Polish restaurant in South Bank

    We made it! The vaccines are here we hope you are as ready as we are to bounce back in 2021? Currently, for dates prior to 21 June, your Terrace reservation can be for as many as 30 people, while indoor reservations need to remain at 6 or fewer UNLESS YOU ARE TWO HOUSEHOLDS, in which case the number is unlimited. Sit down and do your maths, then send us an email to book@mamuska,net to get us working on your party at Mamuśka! Polish Kitchen and Bar. There has never been a better time to celebrate love and friendship with Polish food & drink. We strongly suggest booking early at Mamuśka! We have new lighting, a new sound system and we are going to throw some parties and live events all through the rest of the year. Things is gonna get cray-cray! Book a table at our restaurant in South Bank!

    Book a Table in the Old Arch at Mamuśka Polish Kitchen and Bar

    Being stuck inside was definitely not good for the soul. So when the gates are finally opened, we are going to want to go 'OUT-OUT'! Come for a walk along the Thames, and stare at the London Eye and try to recall what it was originally named built back in 1999. Then, when the belly is grumbling and you are ready to eat a hot meal and have a happy drink, come to where you can still feel the presence of other human beings, without necessarily feeling their breath. Yep. We have loads of space in our restaurant in South Bank, and we are using it wisely!

    Out and About

    Get the Team Back Together on The Platform AND on Zoom!

    The Platform now offers 25MB dedicated bandwidth, built-in PA system, overhead projector and your own bar tender and table service with a full catering menu. It's been a long time away from the workplace, so why meet in a crowded board room with low ceilings and bad ventilation? It's time to reset, but also time to motivate! Tie in the 'State of the Nation' presentation with a FANTASTIC meal and a few drinks to reconnect with the team. We're ready for you at Mamuśka Polish Kitchen and Bar!

    Work it with Mama

    Block off The Platform for a Special Event in South Bank

    We cannot WAIT to get The Platform Bar at Mamuśka Kitchen and Bar rocking! We plan lots of events with DJs, exhibitions and live music. So if you are thinking of hiring out this amazing private space, you are well advised to reserve the date now! The Platform holds over 120 people standing and more than 80 for seated dining. Book it today!

    Party like it's 2022!